Ode to the Burrito

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It was whilst I was living in Vancouver that a friend introduced me to Mexican food. Over a year has passed since then and I have dined my way through crunchy taco shells, sweet churros and eye watering tequila. So when I was invited to a Burrito Masterclass, I jumper at the chance.

My younger brother, a fellow Mexican cuisine enthusiast, tagged along with me to BarburritoBarburrito, which has been open for about 6 months, sits nestled amongst the restaurants of St. David’s Shopping Centre. It’s carefully planned out space with a long burrito bar down one side and seating adjacent. For anyone who knows me well, I love my sandwiches. And burritos are like the exotic cousins of sandwiches. So expectations where high.

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Before making our burritos we were given samples of all the fillings they offer. You can choose from the two different types of rice all the way up to four different meat and sauce options. The ethos at Barburrito is that you build your burrito exactly they way you want it.


After choosing your ingredients, it comes to the tricky part – folding your burrito wrap. The trick apparently is to roll it as tight as possible. After its rolled, wrap foil around it and twist the ends. Tada!

Now all that’s left to do is eat your burrito.

Berlin, Germany

A few weeks ago I, along with my family, went on a long weekend to Berlin. It is a veritable mixing pot of old and new. Historical sites such as the Brandenburg Gate living alongside much younger architecture, like the Berlin TV tower.

I wouldn’t necessarily call it a walkable city, not in the same vein as other cities I’ve visited, such as Helsinki, Vancouver or Portland. It is very pedestrian friendly, but you have to plan ahead if you’ve only got a short space of time to explore. Luckily we were able to go to several tourist attractions, eat at some lovely food, do a little bit of shopping and appreciate just a bit of the public art.

Muse (Immanuelkirchstraße 31) Halloumi on laugen bread – best sandwich I’ve had in a while. Followed by a raw carrot cake, not sure how I felt about it. I’m a bit of a cake puritan.

The view from Muse. I envy people with little balcony gardens.

Popular Hits of the Showa Era – My reading material for the trip.

Queen of Muffins (Potsdamer Straße 110) Most breakfasts were had here. I had a cappuccino and a muffin each morning. They also cater for vegans.

A boat tour along the river, you can see the Berlin TV tower in the background.

The view from the Berlin TV tower.

Just a bite super cute mini cupcakes

We shared a box of 6 between 4, best was the chocolaty Mr. Bojanges

A really cute kiosk we passed whilst walking to the Eastside Gallery

On the river by the Eastside gallery

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A few of my favourites from the Berlin Wall

Pretzels are damn good

A few more cute balconies

There are a lot of bear statues scattered throughout Berlin, this is my favourite of all I spotted


Deers at the Berlin Zoo

The Brandenburg Gate

Konzerthaus Berlin

Joseph Roth Diele (Potsdamer Straße 75)

Souviniers from Berlin – chocolate (of course) and a notebook from TypeHype