Tiny buildings

I made these at the end of 2017. Originally I intended to have them as part of my website layout, but I’ve decided that I prefer a cleaner layout. I used a variety of reference images to make them, but the end products are mainly imagined. I plan to make a lot more miniatures this year, some from local buildings where I live and maybe even some sets from my favourite films and tv shows. Can’t wait.

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Portrait of Bear

This is the portrait I did for my Mum’s Christmas present. It’s a portrait of our beloved family dog Bear. He’s such a silly boy. He loves his food (which he’s spoilt with), going for long walks and cuddles. Despite the fact he is big and heavy puppy, he still thinks he’s a lap dog. Haha. I’d love to have my own dog for company, but I feel bad working in an office full-time. One day!

Looking back on 2017

Looking back over 2017, a few things have happened. I moved out of home (and Cardiff) and moved to Penarth. I explored a lot of Somerset, a fair bit of Wales and a little bit of London. I consumed many cappuccinos and devoured brunch after brunch. I took inspiration from quite a few art galleries (Hauser & Wirth, The British Museum and Tate Britain to name a few). And then took that inspiration to be creative myself. Here are a few highlights of the past year in pictures. I’ve not ordered them chronologically, but by place. Enjoy :)



Bristol Market

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2018 Resolutions

1. Yoga everyday
My back has really felt my sedentary lifestyle this past year, so I think it’s important to some sort of exercise into my every day. I won’t go overboard at first, maybe just 15 minutes to start and build from there. I love yoga not only for its physical benefits, but also the way it can really calm and focus me.

2. Go zero waste
I’ve already been doing things like using washable cotton pads and trying to avoid wrapping my fruit in plastic. I want to take it further though and start being mindful of how much waste I create. I’m starting by going to grocers and farmers markets instead of big supermarkets, carrying my brand new keep cup and avoiding plastics as much as I can.

3. Cut out dairy
I did a trail run of going dairy free a few months ago. When I went back to dairy I thought that was it, but having thought about it more I’d like to give it another go. At least I know what works and what doesn’t now.

4. Become a fulltime artist
This has been something I’ve wanted forever, so this year I really want to be proactive in it. I have searched for a while at art jobs, but I can never see something that really fits the type of work I do. This means finding freelance work and doing commissions.

5. Go to Japan
I’ve wanted to go to Japan a really long time, but its pretty expensive to travel there. Therefore I’m planning to really pinch the pennies this year and travel to Japan sometime around the end of Spring and beginning of Summer.

6. Be happier
I know deciding I want to be happier doesn’t make it happen, but I’d like to be more positive in my approach to life. I do get wrapped up in my own thoughts, so I’d like 2018 to be more about practicing positivity.

Hello 2018

In the spirit of the new year I’ve decided to rekindle my desire to blog. I used to blog fairly frequently, but like some things eventually I grew bored. It may have been my reluctance to create content that was subpar or maybe I just didn’t feel that buzz I used to. Either way, its high time I started writing again.

I want to create a space where I regularly share my projects, my life and progress on personal goals. A meaningful narrative to illustrate my interests, creations and personal journey. Looking back on the past year, I believe there are many things to be grateful for. The biggest thing for me was moving out of home, something which has given me so much more freedom. Looking forward, I plan to make 2018 even better :)